Venetian reflections
Venetian Reflections

After school I did a degree in 3 dimensional design at Kingston Art College and at the same time learned the basics of photography. I then went on to run my own interior design practice specialising in commercial interiors such as fashion retail. I moved to Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog in 2000, retired from the design business in 2009 and since then have found time to be getting out with a camera and taking photographs.

Photography to me is the exploration of perception. I go out with a camera looking for an image that provides me with a visual stimulus that goes beyond the realism of what is captured by the lens. To a large degree these are images that are inconsequential. Sometimes what I see is the gestalt image, at other times it is the elements that make it up that excite me.

Digital photography allows me to take this further because one has control over the process from perception to printing. I like to take away the reference points that create the realism. To abstract the image and emphasise the essential colour, pattern, shapes, lines and texture.